Barbering Sponsorship Course
In 2016, Othrs. reached out to the underprivileged youths by conducting classes to teach
barbering with the aim to provide a career path in efforts to break their cycle of poverty.
Beyond the skill of barbering, the youths are taught self-discipline and responsibility. Evidence
of growth in these youths is seen through their transformation from being timid and shy
individuals to engaging barbers who have healthier a self-confidence and able to present
themselves in society.
The students are empowered through opportunities to serve real clients during organised
outdoor events in the city and in the barbershop.
Three orang asli youths were trained, and now are employed as working barbers at Othrs.
Asli Barbers Project: To sponsor 10 orang asli (indigenous people)
In the same year, OTHRS members conducted talks in villages regarding the topic of personal

hygiene and provided haircuts (by the very youths mentioned above who were given the
barbering sponsorship) while looking for more potential students to sponsor, also in efforts to
provide a career path for them with the skills of barbering.
Watch the video HERE
This story were also featured on TV3 by TOP detergent, watch it HERE.

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